Leveraging Science and Technology to Benefit Africans Populations through African Diaspora Scientists Federation initiative

We were honored to share our ongoing efforts to create a dynamic platform of African diaspora scientists on brain circulation in Africa at the US National Science Policy Symposium 2019 at University of Wisconsin Madison. African scientists in the diaspora, join us today and share your knowledge by mentoring a student in science in Africa and/or collaborate with a peer in Africa https://lnkd.in/dcnDCD7. Contact us at contact@adsf.club
#NSPS2019 #Africa #Diaspora #scienceandtechnology #Globalscience #sciencepolicy #shareyourknowledge #africandiaspora with Rafiou Agoro, Eng. PhD

African diaspora scientists as development catalysts

National Science Policy Symposium: Rockefeller University New York on November 10th, 2018
It was with great pleasure, Rafiou Agoro, PhD presents our investigation highlighting African diaspora as development catalysts at the National Science Policy Network at Rockefeller University in New York City. #networking #catalyst #africandiaspora #sciencepolicy #sciencediplomacy #Africa #beyondthelab.

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