African Diaspora Scientists as Development Catalysts


African development challenges remain one of the most difficult to overcome in world. To address these challenges, Africa countries should invest massively in the training of scientists in the goal to respond competently to theirs problems. Instead of that, African governments have a lot of difficulties to retain some of their scientists or students in science due to the lack of resources and opportunities in science for ambitious young scientists. This situation leads to brain drain. However, it is possible to reverse or attenuate this brain drain situation. For instance, a promotion of brain circulation in Africa which comes especially from African scientists who are living in cutting-edge technologies countries could be an important problem-solving factor. Here is suggested a unique described role of African diaspora scientists to take the leadership on African science and technology development, thus contributing to Africa prosperity through science. In view of their status and background, these scientists might advocate for science and technology development with African leaders and shape the paths for the setting up of rigorous science policies in Africa. Also, here is suggested the creation of African diaspora scientists federation, a structure which might help their members to develop intra and inter-disciplinary collaborative projects. As African diaspora scientists, I am calling to the creation of African diaspora scientist’s federation as a framework for the actions devoted for African science and technology development. This platform should also represent a powerful tool for science advocacy in Africa.

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