• Speed up Africa transformation using science and technology

• Partner with African governments and international organizations to orientate Africa development projects

Why our idea is innovative?

• We believe that the creation of wealth through knowledge in Africa has a substantial holdup.

• We believe African scientists in the diaspora are looking for a potential way to contribute to the development of their home continent.

• At ADSF, we create an atmosphere where diverse brain power with different scientific background and mindset can marinate and generate innovative and concrete ideas ready to apply to a specific and identified problem. Basically, at ADSF conferences and meetings, we will bring identified challenges and then we will brainstorm about the challenges and suggest different solutions.

• We believe, African diaspora scientists are a great source to suggest concrete and scalable solution to Africa problems due to their background. In brief, they should understand better how to deal with the challenges Africa is facing.

• We believe, African diaspora scientists are an inspirational source for young African scientists in Africa and a scientific collaboration between African Diaspora scientists and scientists in Africa should illuminate excellent scientific collaboration and boost scientific research in Africa. We are looking for African scientists in the diaspora to inspire STEM candidates in the continent through a six-month period of mentorship program.

Personal statements about ADSF co-founders on the necessity to create ADSF

We are part of thousands African high-ranked and selected students sent and paid to study abroad by African governments. The expectations from the governments were to send us abroad to get a strong training in science and then come back to change the fate of our countries and continent in science and technology.

Our initial goal was focused on helping our countries to thrive by working in optimal conditions required to perform excellent research. Once, abroad, we have discovered the working condition suitable for our career development which is difficult to find in our home countries currently.

As scientists, we have high ambitions to make discoveries in the competitive word of science and fulfill our scientific curiosities. As African, we are convinced that we could contribute to change the fate of our countries. Creating ADSF, is for us a bridge between our ambitions and convictions.

Why Africa’s science deficit matters at global level?

To make it simple, bacteria or virus do not have border for instance. A minimal distribution of science and technology knowledge in world is critical to efficiently face global challenges as climate change and disease outbreaks.

Africa is one of the continent which exhibits a chronic lack of science and technology framework. In addition to this shortage, African population is expected to reach 40% of world population by 2050. Taking care of all this young generation without any real impact and high input of science and technology will be difficult.

The demographic boom in Africa will certainly generate immigration in others countries which can lead to some crisis in host countries far away from Africa. To avoid these potential issues and to anticipate future challenges of demographic boom in Africa, it is now or never we have to start the transition and the acceleration of science and technology capacity building process in Africa. Africa science and technology does matter at global level.

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