Team members are african diaspora scientists


Rafiou Agoro is a Togolese-born postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University School of Medicine where his current research in biomedicine focuses on new molecular targets for kidney and bone diseases treatment. Rafiou obtained his biotechnology engineer degree at the Univeristy of Mostaganem in Algeria and his Master and Ph.D. degree in immunology at the University of Orléans in France followed by a postdoctoral position at New York University. Rafiou is the founder of the startup Afro Talent Management which promotes careers opportunities in Africa for young graduates in France. This initiative earned him the title of Ambassador of Pépite France, an entrepreneurship program of the French ministry of national education.


Mohamed Cissé is a researcher in Computer Science and Operations Research. He obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science at the University of Tours (France). Serious and hard-worker, he is an expert in solving real life planning and scheduling problems. Beyond his research activities, Mohamed already founded a startup that sells a software to plan routes for transportation companies.

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